Rohani Ilaj

rohani ilaj for heart patient

This wazifa is those people whose heart is weak. After every prayer, put the right hand on heart and recite this dua for 11 times and blow on the heart. Remember to recite Darood Sharif before and after the wazifa.

roohani ilaj for respect

Who recites this pray (dua) frequently, he will become respectable among the people.
Who recites this second pray (pray) while looking to any person in trouble, then he himself will be safe from that trouble or disease.

roohani ilaj for high blood pressure

Recite this first pray (dua) and repeat it for 100 times and blow (دم کریں) on water. Then give this water to the patient of high blood pressure for drinking. The patient drinks this water in the morning, afternoon and at night for 60 days. He will get healthy by the blessings of Allah.
The second wazifa is a Darood Sharif. Recite this Darood Sharif for 5 times after every prayer. Then blow on water and give to the patient who has the trouble of shortage of blood in his body. The patient drinks it for 40 days, he will acquire health by the blessings of Allah.

roohani ilaj for personal safety

Recite this first pray 3 times on morning and evening for personal safety and also the safety of children, wealth and faith.
The second wazifa is to receive his debt from anyone. Recite it 100 times after every prayer.

roohani ilaj for teeth

This is a very effective wazifa for the health of teeth. While offering Witr prayer, recite Surah Al Nasr in the first rakat (رکعت) and Surah Al Lahab in second rakat and Surah Al Ikhlas in the third prayer. By the grace of Allah, teeth will become so hard that they will never break until 100 years.
Recite these names of Allah for 111 times after every prayer and then touch the face, the face will become bright.

roohani ilaj for heart
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